Interactive Map, Waypoints, Flight Data,...

FS Map Tool is actively maintained and extended with new features on a regular basis.

Currently these are the apps main features:

  • Interactive Map & plane location

    • Map can be dragged & zoomed like normal Google Maps / Apple Maps
    • Switchable map types (satellite or plain)
    • Plane icon can be changed (tap on plane to cycle)
    • Toggle map center / auto-follow airplane
    • Toggle lock view orientation to plane heading or to north
  • Teleportation

    • Teleport your plane anywhere in the world in an instant
    • Long-press on the location where you want to teleport
    • A dialog will appear, select 'teleport'
  • Custom Waypoints (no flight plan data import from FS2020 yet)

    • Add custom waypoints by long-pressing on a map location
    • Move waypoints by long-pressing on a pin and dragging
    • Remove waypoints by tapping on a pin and pressing the delete button
    • Switch between active waypoints with top right waypoint control buttons
  • Show additional flight parameters on a HUD, currently:

    • Heading, airspeed and altitude