Using FS Map Tool is easy.

Alongside the mobile app you'll need to install the server application on your PC, which will act as a gateway for communication between MS FS 2020 and FS Map Tool.

Follow these steps:

  • Download the server app installer (currently Windows 10 64bit only)
  • Launch the installer, the app will install and launch automatically
    • The app will run in background and show up in the system tray as a small icon
    • Clicking on the system tray app icon opens up a context menu
    • The app will now listen for MS FS 2020 data and forward if requested
    • The tray icon will turn to green as soon as it's connected with MS FS 2020
  • Click on the system tray app icon to show your PC IP address
  • Download the mobile app for your tablet or phone
  • Launch the mobile app on your mobile device and enter the PC IP address
  • Ready to fly!